Leila Hudson is sorry about the delay in getting this episode to you… the toy in this episode, it is so cool that we are a week behind in publishing this video because she spent too much time playing with it.

RethinkToys is happy to introduce you to MiP,  an awesome little robot who can be controlled by a smartphone or by simple hand movements. It is particularly cool that MiP is a BALANCING robot… he really does stay up on just two wheels and keeps his balance even when he’s carrying things or zipping around the room (Leila’s Dad cannot get over this… it blows his mind every time).

Leila treats us to a quick demonstration of MiP using an iPod to control him, but you can use either iOS or Android. MiP also responds to gestures, he will follow commands you give him by waving your hand in front of his face. You can just use the app like a regular remote control, making MiP move around or use Path mode and draw a line on-screen for MiP to follow.

The smartphone app lets you put a can of emotion into your MiP. You can make his mood angry… happy…  and more. Leila also really likes that MiP talks a little, although he is kind of hard to understand; she knows that when he falls over, he says “MiP fall” and when something changes unexpectedly, he’ll say “huhhh?”.

There is also the “Stack” game. You put MiP’s carrying tray on and then stack as many objects as you can before the timer runs out.

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend with their own MiP, then there is more fun… with multi-player games like boxing and laser battle.

Leila’s biggest problem with MiP is battery-life… running around the place and playing games must take a lot of power because her MiP runs through batteries like crazy. But even with the need for lots of batteries, MiP is still one of the coolest toys she has ever owned and a big thumbs up from RethinkToys.

And then MiP closes out the episode with his own free-style dance routine!

Skylanders Trap Team Launch Event

Leila Hudson and Rethink Toys have news to share with you direct from the creators of Skylanders. With the “Trap Team” edition of the game due in about two weeks, she got to play with the new game at a special event in New York City.
Before sharing an interview with you, Leila tells us that Skylanders Trap Team is awesome on all the consoles, with crazy good graphics and gameplay. Even more incredible is that the real game… not a cut-down version, but the full game with the same awesome graphics, is going to be available for the Apple iPad. It uses a special controller and portal of power if you want the full experience. And of course, if you’ve left your portal at home, the tablet version of Trap Team can be played with on-screen controls and special built-in characters.
Next, Leila interviews Paul Reiche, the Studio President and Creative Director at “Toys for Bob”, the team responsible for Trap Team.
FInally, Leila teases us with a special scoop about some of our existing Skylanders heroes after the interview.

Skylanders Giants

Rethink Toys reports on Skylanders Giants, the multi-platform game from Activision.  Skylanders Giants builds on the idea of the first Skylanders game, merging a line of physical toy figures with a video game world.  The game introduces new characters, some of which are more than twice the size of the original Skylanders in both physical and in-game form.

A year after the first Skylanders game, Leila Hudson’s favorite figurines are back in a new adventure.  All of the heroes return plus a new Skylander in each of the game’s eight elements.  The technology in Skylanders Giants is everything from the original and much more.

She went to J and R in downtown New York City to check out their selection of giants and other series 2 Skylanders.  Leila found them in the newest department, called J&R Jr., home to the latest things for babies and a cool area full of the coolest tech toys for kids.

The biggest addition are the Giants: extra-large size characters with an extra-large figure to match.  The giants are super strong, sometimes powering past really difficult levels just by smashing through.  Both the Giants and the special light-core figures light up on their own when they get close to the “Portal of Power”.

Skylanders Giants continues the story from Spyro’s Adventures and tells lots about Skyland’s past.  Kaos and Glumshanks continue their evil quest with some help from an Arkean robot and Leila and her  Skylanders continue to fight them back with the coolest game this year.